We knocked this joint out last Saturday as promo for the show above (which I KNOW you’re coming to right?). Everybody does their thing so make sure you come out Friday to watch me shut it down live, yall aint ready. Shouts to the whole FCC. A better tomorrow is on the horizon.

Convinced, El Prez, Three 1 Zero, Chris Focus Csan | FCC Fastbreak (Produced by Chex & Cristo) | Download Here

Yea so last night me and E-Dub went to a studio on the invitation of the homie Tunji, to get down with the get downs on some music. I met Dahi who is a very dope producer and another very cool cat who also gets down on the boards named Haps. As soon as I heard this beat, my wheels started turning. So me and Tunj laid down our verses and this is the result. Edub already leaked it at his spot, but you know I gotta let it breathe over here as well. Enjoy.

Convinced & Tunji | Goodbye Never (Produced By Dahi) | Download Here

Here’s some some footage of last Saturday’s swarray in Chinatown. U-N-I did their thizzle mos def. Catch me in the back and E-Dub on the floor goin dumb.

Shouts to The Exactly and Meka who I took this from.

Saturday night in Chinatown I headed down to the Boombox club to get my polly on and link up with some of my fellow Cali emcees. TiRon, U-N-I, Omari San, Chris Focus, Carter and Three 1 Zero were all in the building. Check out the flicks under the hood.

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