Classic In The Making…

December 8, 2008

Yea last night Me, Shawn Jackson, El Prez and Tunji made something that will most certainly make some noise when we finally put it out. For those not in the know, or those that haven’t listened to my album yet *cough* RIGHT COLUMN *cough* I hopped on a beat that my man J Keys made remaking Mass Appeal. Last night me and my fellow emcees remade it again for 2009. Everyone went in,  I cant even begin to do it justice with a description, so just stay tuned, trust me. Shouts to Shake, Eazee, Shawn Jack, Dale Danja, Prez, Tunji and L4 and Polyester for letting us come thru and lace this joint.

FCC, A Better Tomorrow, nothing but good things around the corner.

Oh, and just to get you ready for it here’s this——>>> CLICK HERE.

Yea so last night me and E-Dub went to a studio on the invitation of the homie Tunji, to get down with the get downs on some music. I met Dahi who is a very dope producer and another very cool cat who also gets down on the boards named Haps. As soon as I heard this beat, my wheels started turning. So me and Tunj laid down our verses and this is the result. Edub already leaked it at his spot, but you know I gotta let it breathe over here as well. Enjoy.

Convinced & Tunji | Goodbye Never (Produced By Dahi) | Download Here

One of my favorite emcees, top 5 actually. So this goes up. Shouts out to Tunji and Gregthedude.