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Jeah, here’s the directors cut of Miss Memory. Shouts to Dom and the whole Image Addikts squad. Download the album on the right if you haven’t already.


Yea, another accomplishment to file under crowing achievements. DJ Hyphen blessed it and let the people of Seattle hear it last night, and I am buggin out right now. We released the Refreshing a month ago and things just continue to pick up at a rapid pace. To everyone that has checked out my songs or just found this blog by accident, I thank you. Trust me, where’s just gettin started. Check out the tracklisting and show link after the jump.

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October 29, 2008

Finally the Refreshing album is here, It features production from J-Trax, J-Keys & Myself. This album reflects my life as a whole this past year. My intent was to make a memorable body of work for fans of all genres of music. Good music is meant to be shared, so here it is.Click on the cover to download, tracklisting is after the jump.

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For the last 30 days strait, I’ve been droppin songs and freestyles to commemorate the release of the Refreshing, and now we are almost finally ready to drop the album on you. So today, me and J Trax have another one. This is the 1st song that I recorded for the refreshing and gave me the tone and the idea for the rest of the album. Ironically, it didn’t make the final cut, but its still that shit.

Convinced | Refreshed (Prod. By J Trax) | Download Here

What up people, like we always do about this time, we GO HARD. J Trax and I have cooked up another one for you so without any more talk from me, I’ll let the music speak. Refreshing coming soon…

Convinced | GHFC Day 4, 26 Strait Days Spittin | Download Here

What up people! As promised here’s #19. For this one I dug in the ‘Vince Vault and pulled out a joint that I produced and spit on a while back. Funny how it still hold relevance as far as the state of the game goes. But, instead of just complaining, Im gonna do something about it. So today is the last joint before the RFC Mixtape Drops. Act accordingly. Lets Go!!!!

Convinced | RFC#19 (Fed Up Produced By ME) | Download Here

What up people, here we are on Day 18, Im dropping one more freestyle before we drop the mixtape, and then after that….we keep going. Haaa!! Until November tho, Im going to drop all of the freestyles on J Trax beats so more people can see that this kid is a problem. Thank you to all of the blogs that have listened and posted, and also to all of the blogs who havent. We gets it in over here. Stay tuned for #19 and the mixtape.  REFRESHING!!!

Convinced | RFC#18 | Download Here

15 days….lets that soak in for a moment. Thats 15 verses, thats 15 different beats, thats 15 kinds of Refreshment, your favorite vending machines don’t even give you this many choices. Rest easy tho, A Better Tomorrow Music Group has you covered. Today I had to hop on a beat I heard Busta go in on recently, so I felt it was only right that I do the same, Six Speed ‘Vince style. For all of those that have rocked with me, I thank you. Believe me….the best is yet to come.


Convinced | RFC#15 | Download Here

Day 14 yall. If you’re not recognizing what we’re doing over here, then you may need to “Grow Up” and pay attention. Haaaa! Today I had to keep it West Coast, so I hopped on Bishop Lamont’s newest joint. Not only is this day 14, but we’ll be dropping the mixtape of all of the freestyles and some other gems on October 14th with KNOWxONE.COM so check for that and get ready.

Its still so Refreshing….

Convinced | RFC #14 | Download Here

What up people, even though its Sunday and people are resting and enjoying their NFL action, I had to keep the Refreshing Freestyle Countdown moving. We keeps it moving over here…so today’s joint is a few verse’s that I recorded over Game’s Letter To A King Beat, some of you may have heard it, some may have not so rock with it, enjoy the Sunday Night game Sportscenter and get ready for Day 12, we goin all the way in this week. Oh, the album just got the final mix yesterday so look out for the Refreshing and Ms. Memory video on Oct. 21st…a better tomorrow is on the horizon.

Convinced | RFC#11(Telegram From A King) | Download Here