CM: Stocking Stuffers

December 23, 2008

I know that since the recession popped off, folks have tightened up the belts to make ends meet. So I figured that I would give you the people some music to rock out to this Holiday season. NO, this is not a Christmas album, but its perfect to stuff in those stockings (pause). The link to download is below. Happy Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa from Me and A Better Tomorrow.

Convinced | Stocking Stuffers | Download Here

What up people. Here it is as promised. We were in the rap cave late last night getting this thing right and tight for you and here you have it. We collected the first 21 freestyles from the countdown added some extra herbs and spices, heated it up and now its ready to eat. So go ahead and get your download on and prepare to be refreshed.

Convinced | Refreshing Freestyle Countdown Mixtape | Download Here | [Megaupload]

UPDATE: Its already spreadin….REFRESHING!!!