What up people, like we always do about this time, we GO HARD. J Trax and I have cooked up another one for you so without any more talk from me, I’ll let the music speak. Refreshing coming soon…

Convinced | GHFC Day 4, 26 Strait Days Spittin | Download Here

Since B Hop was goin in on Pavlik’s face, squeezing off with the loaded gloves, I figured I would combine this post. Today’s song is called “Rap Ammunition”. Its a joint that me and J Trax did a cool one ago, and it still goes hard. Check out the joint then peep my take on last night’s fight after the jump.

Convinced | GHFC#3 | Download Here

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Sorry for the delay but it was a crazy Friday night, which but Saturday’s jam on the backburner. Without any furthur ado tho, here’s then newest one from me and J Trax, “Bullshit Stops”. We called it that because by the time that we’re done with this GHFC it’ll be true. This is just a vid of us clowin around before we recorded the track for Day One.  We Go Hard, A Better Tomorrow is on the horizon….

Convinced | GHFC #2 (The Bullshit Stops) | Download Here

Yea we’ve ended the Refreshing Freestyle Countdown, but the REFRESHING album is still on the way. Until then, its time for me to hop on these J Trax beats and really GO HARD!!! So this video and song marks the beginning of a new countdown featuring all original production from J Trax. The REFRESHING album, RFC Mixtape, and now the GHFC. We have no plans on stopping. A Better Tomorrow, counting down the days that the competition has to get their sh*t together, act accordingly.

Convinced | GHFC#1 (Pound For Pound Part II) | Download Here

UPDATE: Shouts to Drew for postin us as well.