Here’s some footage of Me, Tunji, Grizz Pro and El Prez gettin it in at the Inverse video shoot this past weekend.

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Here we are once again. 29 Days, Goin hard, not stopping, A Better Tomorrow. Nuff Said.

Convinced | GHFC, Day 29 | Download Here

Yes, by now you already know what it is people. 28 Days later, Im still at it, still killin you zombies, still goin hard. Me and Trax are havin fun with it, and we got plenty more in the tank. Enjoy todays song and stay tuned for Refreshing, its still on the way people!!

Convinced | GHFC, Day 28 | Download Here

UPDATE: Eazee hooked up a fly pic, so we had to switch it up.

Catch Me On DubCNN

October 21, 2008

Lil Jay of DubCNN Just threw up a lil write up on me, the RFC Mixtape and the upcoming album so head over there to check it out and leave some much appreciated feedback. Like I told ya, we go hard (pause) and the Refreshing is on the way…..

Click Here to peep. The write up is after the jump. Download the tape here.

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Yea, the camera is temporarily out of commission, but you know that we must continue on. Today presents another joint from me and Trax. 27 days strait. Im noticing that a few of my fellow emcees are also picking up on the daily music output regimen. All I gotta say is, catch up!!

Refreshing is coming…..

Convinced | GHFC #27 | Download Here

What up people, like we always do about this time, we GO HARD. J Trax and I have cooked up another one for you so without any more talk from me, I’ll let the music speak. Refreshing coming soon…

Convinced | GHFC Day 4, 26 Strait Days Spittin | Download Here

Sorry for the delay but it was a crazy Friday night, which but Saturday’s jam on the backburner. Without any furthur ado tho, here’s then newest one from me and J Trax, “Bullshit Stops”. We called it that because by the time that we’re done with this GHFC it’ll be true. This is just a vid of us clowin around before we recorded the track for Day One.  We Go Hard, A Better Tomorrow is on the horizon….

Convinced | GHFC #2 (The Bullshit Stops) | Download Here

Yea we’ve ended the Refreshing Freestyle Countdown, but the REFRESHING album is still on the way. Until then, its time for me to hop on these J Trax beats and really GO HARD!!! So this video and song marks the beginning of a new countdown featuring all original production from J Trax. The REFRESHING album, RFC Mixtape, and now the GHFC. We have no plans on stopping. A Better Tomorrow, counting down the days that the competition has to get their sh*t together, act accordingly.

Convinced | GHFC#1 (Pound For Pound Part II) | Download Here

UPDATE: Shouts to Drew for postin us as well.

Here I am another day dropping a freestyle….This time J-Trax & myself decided to bring you guys to the WEST Coast and lace some Cali beats. J Trax is a beast so you know I have to smash the beats! Good West Coast Hip Hop Music…….check out the video of me, J Trax & The homey Corey wilding out to some STUPERIFIC J Trax beats!!!! Day 22……to be continued

Convinced | RFC#22 (J Trax West Coast Ish) | Download Here

Yea the tape is out and hopefully its in your iPod or ya Boombox, but we must continue on. For those that havent downloaded the tape, this song is on it as well, so click on the cover in the right column and make that happen. Today I decided to get in story telling mode again over a classic Madlib beat, so enjoy, refresh yourselves and stay tuned.

A Better Tomorrow is on the horizon…

Convinced | RFC#21 | Download Here