CV: Hip Hop Delight Interview

December 12, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I did this interview a few weeks back before the Crates and Mics show and Haps just hit us and told us it was up last night at the studio (laid down two MONSTERS, but more on that later).  So check it out and leave all the feedback your hearts desire. I do it for the people.

Parts 2 and 3 after the jump.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jeah, here’s the directors cut of Miss Memory. Shouts to Dom and the whole Image Addikts squad. Download the album on the right if you haven’t already.

Eazee posted this footage of the recording session of the FCC song, so its only right that I post it here, since im on in and all.

The video is finally here so check it. Produced by J Trax and Directed by Dom Esterella, album drops tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay but it was a crazy Friday night, which but Saturday’s jam on the backburner. Without any furthur ado tho, here’s then newest one from me and J Trax, “Bullshit Stops”. We called it that because by the time that we’re done with this GHFC it’ll be true. This is just a vid of us clowin around before we recorded the track for Day One.  We Go Hard, A Better Tomorrow is on the horizon….

Convinced | GHFC #2 (The Bullshit Stops) | Download Here

Here I am another day dropping a freestyle….This time J-Trax & myself decided to bring you guys to the WEST Coast and lace some Cali beats. J Trax is a beast so you know I have to smash the beats! Good West Coast Hip Hop Music…….check out the video of me, J Trax & The homey Corey wilding out to some STUPERIFIC J Trax beats!!!! Day 22……to be continued

Convinced | RFC#22 (J Trax West Coast Ish) | Download Here

Yea the tape is out and hopefully its in your iPod or ya Boombox, but we must continue on. For those that havent downloaded the tape, this song is on it as well, so click on the cover in the right column and make that happen. Today I decided to get in story telling mode again over a classic Madlib beat, so enjoy, refresh yourselves and stay tuned.

A Better Tomorrow is on the horizon…

Convinced | RFC#21 | Download Here

Jeah!! As you can see, J Trax has upgraded his whole set up which means its only going to be more of a problem for the rest of you. Haaaaa!! Today I hopped on one of his heaters to do my 1,2 thing. So enjoy the mixtape but know, we dont stop. We Go Hard and its oh so REFRESHING!!!!

Convinced | RFC #20 (Produced By J Trax) | Download Here

What up people! As promised here’s #19. For this one I dug in the ‘Vince Vault and pulled out a joint that I produced and spit on a while back. Funny how it still hold relevance as far as the state of the game goes. But, instead of just complaining, Im gonna do something about it. So today is the last joint before the RFC Mixtape Drops. Act accordingly. Lets Go!!!!

Convinced | RFC#19 (Fed Up Produced By ME) | Download Here

What up people, here we are on Day 18, Im dropping one more freestyle before we drop the mixtape, and then after that….we keep going. Haaa!! Until November tho, Im going to drop all of the freestyles on J Trax beats so more people can see that this kid is a problem. Thank you to all of the blogs that have listened and posted, and also to all of the blogs who havent. We gets it in over here. Stay tuned for #19 and the mixtape.  REFRESHING!!!

Convinced | RFC#18 | Download Here