09 Is Grind & Shine Time

January 12, 2009


Ok, I admit it, I have been seriously SLACKING on the blog game. Since the new year has jumped off, I’ve wasted no time and have tried to get right to work, 2009 is shine time. Sooooooooo, Im basically writing this post to let you know that I will continue to make a conscious effort to post on here when time permits, but if you’re looking for Convinced, find me on Twitter.

Oh yea, happy new year.

We Gets It In

December 15, 2008

I just jacked these from E-Dub. Cali is active like I keep telling yall and thats a power move pic right here. I feel like the hard work is starting to pay off because a lot of my peers are noticing the moves, and being posted on Nah Right never hurts.  If you live in Cali and didnt go, you missed out.

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Here’s some some footage of last Saturday’s swarray in Chinatown. U-N-I did their thizzle mos def. Catch me in the back and E-Dub on the floor goin dumb.

Shouts to The Exactly and Meka who I took this from.