Convinced-v : to make someone agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something.

Who is Convinced?…..Convinced is a Southern California native with
an ear and passion for music in all forms and genres. Raised in a
single parent home by his mother for nearly half of his life as an
only child, Quentin gained an interest in music at an early age by way
of his mother who was a collector of 60’s & 70’s music at that time.
Born in the early 80’s, Quentin was at the center of the musical shift
that took place with the emergence of Glam Rock & Hip Hop which would
play a pivotal role in his life.

As he grew older, his love affair with music became his main source of
happiness and occupied most of his time. He began rapping, or as
Convinced would like to call it, “Story Telling” in 12th grade with a
group of friends from his High School. He then realized that not only
did he think of himself as a good lyricist but other’s also enjoyed
hearing him express himself lyrically. This motivated him to work on
mastering his craft. During this time he worked with various
producers, but none of them could satisfy Quentin’s hunger for a
fresh/unique sound that would separate him from the typical “rapper”.

Quentin’s obsession with standing out has pushed him to be more
creative and diverse than what you’d be accustom to hearing in the
world of Hip Hop. As the years passed he went from battling people in
his High School Cafeteria to performing at various venues, winning
several competitions and battles, and now for the past few years
composing & producing songs himself. His chest pounding, head rocking,
one of a kind production has pushed the boundaries of not only hip hop
but music in general. Convinced infuses hip hop, jazz, & soul with
touches of futuristic electronica, rock, and rhythms from all over the
globe. He thrives on standing out and creating music that is not of
the norm.

Along with his production talents, “Convinced” is an excellent song
writer who captures the essence of the music with his words. His songs
don’t feel like regular songs, they feel like mini compositions out of
a scene from a movie or broadway musical.

Along with his personal endeavors, Convinced has managed to work
vigorously with multiple artists who are in tune with the vision that
he has for the future of music. He continues to step over the
boundaries of music with his artistic imagery and creative soul.
Quentin “Convinced” Reed is a sight for sore eyes and a beautiful
sound for closed ears, if you aren’t convinced yet, all you have to do
is listen.

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