CM: Two For One Tuesdays, Week Two

November 18, 2008

What it is people, I got 2 more tracks out of my stash for you all today. 2 more J trax bangers that have never really been pushed so only a selective few people have heard them. The first song, “A Fork In A Road” is a song that I did earlier this year amd just tucked it away. The other song “High Ambitions” is a song that I recorded back in 2007 after I appeared on zombieRADIO, which is the “radio show” im talking about in the 3rd verse. Check em out.

Convinced | A Fork In The Road (Produced By J-Trax) | Download Here

Convinced | High Ambitions (Produced By J-trax) | Download Here

One Response to “CM: Two For One Tuesdays, Week Two”

  1. […] good dude Convinced is back with more of his 2 For Tuesdays…. Here he brings ya “A Fork In The Road” […]

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