CM: Two For One Tuesdays, Week One

November 11, 2008

What up people, if you havent noticed, the countdown hussle came to an end on day 32 right before the video and album dropped. It served its purpose, letting people know about the album and let my musical peers know about the skills, but I have so many SONGS in the stash, that I would rather release some of those. The freestyle stuff is always fun, but I got somethin better. So every Tuesday I’ll release 2 songs out of the stash. Today’s two songs are “By Any Means” which features Knyse and “Cold World” a song that I did on one of my favorite Dilla beats a while back. Enjoy

Convinced | By Any Means ft. Knyse (Produced by Convinced) | Download Here

Convinced | Cold Steel | Download Here

2 Responses to “CM: Two For One Tuesdays, Week One”

  1. Praverb said

    waddup fam…both of these tracks are so vicious…adding you to my blog list wooooooooo

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