Eazee posted this footage of the recording session of the FCC song, so its only right that I post it here, since im on in and all.

Here we are again yall. I got plenty more songs in the stash. This week I thought I would showcase a different vibe of tracks, cant go hard all the time right?  Peep these out and remember we gets it in.

Convinced | Build You Up (Produced By J Trax) | Download Here

Convinced | Its Back Now (Produced By J Trax) | Download Here

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oscar gettin his endurance train on. We’ll see if it pays off on Saturday.

We knocked this joint out last Saturday as promo for the show above (which I KNOW you’re coming to right?). Everybody does their thing so make sure you come out Friday to watch me shut it down live, yall aint ready. Shouts to the whole FCC. A better tomorrow is on the horizon.

Convinced, El Prez, Three 1 Zero, Chris Focus Csan | FCC Fastbreak (Produced by Chex & Cristo) | Download Here

What it is people, I got 2 more tracks out of my stash for you all today. 2 more J trax bangers that have never really been pushed so only a selective few people have heard them. The first song, “A Fork In A Road” is a song that I did earlier this year amd just tucked it away. The other song “High Ambitions” is a song that I recorded back in 2007 after I appeared on zombieRADIO, which is the “radio show” im talking about in the 3rd verse. Check em out.

Convinced | A Fork In The Road (Produced By J-Trax) | Download Here

Convinced | High Ambitions (Produced By J-trax) | Download Here

Yea so last night me and E-Dub went to a studio on the invitation of the homie Tunji, to get down with the get downs on some music. I met Dahi who is a very dope producer and another very cool cat who also gets down on the boards named Haps. As soon as I heard this beat, my wheels started turning. So me and Tunj laid down our verses and this is the result. Edub already leaked it at his spot, but you know I gotta let it breathe over here as well. Enjoy.

Convinced & Tunji | Goodbye Never (Produced By Dahi) | Download Here

What up people, if you havent noticed, the countdown hussle came to an end on day 32 right before the video and album dropped. It served its purpose, letting people know about the album and let my musical peers know about the skills, but I have so many SONGS in the stash, that I would rather release some of those. The freestyle stuff is always fun, but I got somethin better. So every Tuesday I’ll release 2 songs out of the stash. Today’s two songs are “By Any Means” which features Knyse and “Cold World” a song that I did on one of my favorite Dilla beats a while back. Enjoy

Convinced | By Any Means ft. Knyse (Produced by Convinced) | Download Here

Convinced | Cold Steel | Download Here

Here’s some some footage of last Saturday’s swarray in Chinatown. U-N-I did their thizzle mos def. Catch me in the back and E-Dub on the floor goin dumb.

Shouts to The Exactly and Meka who I took this from.

History Has Been Made…

November 5, 2008

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Convinced is on URB

November 5, 2008

We get’s it in over here. GO HERE to check out the piece they wrote, which is also below:

Although hip-hop has faded away from its roots, it’s artists like the Los Angeles native, Convinced, that have the courtesy to return it to its essence. The new album, Refreshing, by Quentin “Convinced” Reed, takes its audience through pain, sadness, adversity and triumph. From the life stories of fatherhood and relationships to appreciating life, Refreshing, is definitely a refreshing taste for the ears. Produced by J-Trax, “Miss Memory,” is the first single to debut off Refreshing. It is just one of 13 tracks that will touch your soul. “At the end of the day, my only goal [with my album] is to have effected someone’s life,” says Convinced, with a joyful attitude.

Album in stores in the right column. Help yourself to some refreshment.