Sports Ish: Boxing Knowledge | Pavlik vs. Hopkins

October 17, 2008

Now you should know from all of the references in the freestyles that I am a HUGE boxing fan, so I had to make you aware of this fight on Saturday night. Kelly Pavlik vs Bernard Hopkins on HBO PPV.  Now for Hopkins, I expect him to come to the ring with the mentality that HE MUST STOP PAVLIK if he truly wants to win. That fact right there is what makes this fight a must see! Both men will have a hidden incentive to go for the knockout, and both are duly capable. Anyone who doesn’t want to see this fight has lost touch with what us fight fans truly want to see, two of the best in the game go head to head. Yeah, Hopkins isn’t what he used to be, but when was the last time you saw the guy hurt or battered in a fight? Go ahead I’ll wait. Now Pavlik isn’t as experienced as we’d like him to be, but can you remember when any recent matches where that has mattered? There are far too many reasons to support this fight, as well as the men in it. I’ll be watchin most definitely.

B Hop Highlights

The Ghost Highlights

And just to put you in the proper mood:

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