That’s right people, OKP has just thrown up the video so head over there to peep it….again. Shouts to all of the other blogs and sites that have shown love. If you haven’t downloaded the album yet, click on the cover in the right column and Refresh yourself.

Click here to get your OKP on.

One of my favorite emcees, top 5 actually. So this goes up. Shouts out to Tunji and Gregthedude.

Here’s some footage of Me, Tunji, Grizz Pro and El Prez gettin it in at the Inverse video shoot this past weekend.

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October 29, 2008

Finally the Refreshing album is here, It features production from J-Trax, J-Keys & Myself. This album reflects my life as a whole this past year. My intent was to make a memorable body of work for fans of all genres of music. Good music is meant to be shared, so here it is.Click on the cover to download, tracklisting is after the jump.

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The video is finally here so check it. Produced by J Trax and Directed by Dom Esterella, album drops tomorrow.

We gets it in.


October 26, 2008

UPDATE: Day 31 and 32 of the countdown are below:

Convinced | Day 31 I Do It For The People | Download Here

Convinced | Day 32 King Me | Download Here

For the last 30 days strait, I’ve been droppin songs and freestyles to commemorate the release of the Refreshing, and now we are almost finally ready to drop the album on you. So today, me and J Trax have another one. This is the 1st song that I recorded for the refreshing and gave me the tone and the idea for the rest of the album. Ironically, it didn’t make the final cut, butĀ its still that shit.

Convinced | Refreshed (Prod. By J Trax) | Download Here

Here we are once again. 29 Days, Goin hard, not stopping, A Better Tomorrow. Nuff Said.

Convinced | GHFC, Day 29 | Download Here

Yes, by now you already know what it is people. 28 Days later, Im still at it, still killin you zombies, still goin hard. Me and Trax are havin fun with it, and we got plenty more in the tank. Enjoy todays song and stay tuned for Refreshing, its still on the way people!!

Convinced | GHFC, Day 28 | Download Here

UPDATE: Eazee hooked up a fly pic, so we had to switch it up.