So here we are Day 7….thats already a complete week’s worth of heat and I still got more for ya. Today I decided to take the Slick Rick, Biggie Nas route and keep it oh so hip-hop with a story to tell, so I hopped on Blaze A 50 directed by Havoc. So peep game, enjoy the story that I penned for yall and stay tuned for day 8. Its so Refreshing People, you gotta love it.

Convinced | RFC#7 | Download Here

What up Yall, E-dub Here. Now if you’re wondering what the hell I’m doing on ‘Vince’s blog and not my own, I was just about to hip you to that. I had the pleasure of peeping the 1st cut of the Miss Memory video and I knew that it was about to jump all the way off, so Im here to brag (ha ha ha).  So rest assured, the vid is on the way and when it is done, you already know it will be posted here and at What Eye Thought. Its still Refreshing niggas, and its coming sooner than you think.

Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

In addition to gettin it in on the countdown , I also hit up the Standard in downtown L.A. on Saturday. I polly’ed it with some of my fellow Cali Emcees and was tryin to get the Cypher going, unfortunately there was too much liquor being passed around….Next time Tho

Its still Refreshing….

So Week 2 Day 6 have arrived…..I have 2 videos for you today, one from the standard @ the Creme De La Crem event hosted by Pac Div with a performance from UNI. The other is the Refreshing Freestyle Countdown Day 6 Video.  Today I am rocking over the Intro to Jay Z’s The Dynasty Album Intro produced by Just Blaze..Classic Track for sure!. but we are going to have another consistent week……


Convinced | RFC #6 | Download Here | [Mediafire]

Another Day, Another Freestyle and the basket is looking like the ocean……Rock Co. Kane Flow is up next on this 5th day, 5th Freestyle..I would like to thank all of the blogs who have supported & played the 1st set of freestyles this week..cant stop….wont stop, (no diddy)…Next week will be de ja vu……

Refreshing album October

Convinced | RFC#5 | Download Here | [Mediafire]

So Day 4 of the Refreshing FREESTYLE Countdown…and naw I am not exhausted by any means. This is fun for me….Lyrical Exercise as Jay Z would say…..But for this DAY 4 Freestyle I dug deep into my Instrumental Archive to get this Milkbone -“I Keep It Real” track. Most people know the track from the CLASSIC Big L & Jay-Z freestyle from 95………I had to jump on it….REFRESHING!!!

Convinced | RFC#4 | Download Here | [Mediafire]

Ok Ok…How could I not pay homage to one of the most lyrical emcee’s and freestylers of all time….The Teacher KRS ONE. This is day 3 of the Refreshing Freestyle Countdown, another REFRESHING Freestyle for the heads to feast one before the album Refreshing drops in OCT. I told you guys I would drop a Freestyle EVERYDAY until the album is comes out & I am a man of my word. Todays Lunch Special is Krs One’s “Im Number 1” Track…….ENJOY

Shouts to Eighty’s Baby for the threads

Convinced | RFC#3 | Download Here

Yessir, What up World!!! Here we are on day 2, another REFRESHING Freestyle, another day closer to the album. I had to throw on the suit for this one because its only right to be grown and fly over the Nina Simone sample. I chose the Lil’ Wayne beat not only because of Nina, but because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t misunderstood as a wack rapper. Haaaa!! Enjoy the track and get ready for tomorrow, we’re just getting started ladies and gentleman. This is easy work, I’m only in gear one people!!!

Convinced | RFC #2 | Download Here | [Mediafire]

Yezzur. What up world. I been hard at work on my new project for a cool one, but before we dropped the hammer and really gave yall bitter beer faces, I figured I would hit yall with something new on the daily. So to commemorate the upcoming Ms. Memory Video and the REFRESHING, free freestyles every 24 hours. So stay tuned and enjoy. This is easy work!!!!

Convinced | RFC #1 | Download Here | [Mediafire]